Statistical Information


George Burgess                                 Received by Transfer

Alma Burgess                                                Received by Transfer

Crystal Keil                                       Received by Transfer

Nancy McClelland                           Received by Transfer

Donna Stephenson                           Received by Transfer

William Stephenson                          Received by Transfer

Desiree Dumont-Hyslop                    Received by Confirmation

Peter Bedry                                        Removed by Death

James Gylander                                 Removed by Death

Lois Sauve                                          Removed by Death

Alvin Chambers                                Removed by Death

Elsie Johns                                         Removed by Death

Mary Harbottle                                 Removed by Death

Stanley Grapentine                           Removed by Death



APRIL 19                  Michael Satoni and Jamie Simpson

MAY 24                     Terry Rooyakkers and Callista Kellock

JUNE 21                    Dalibor Karamatic and Ashly Hamer

JULY 19                    Christopher Bliss and Charlotte Salamon

AUGUST 8                Troy Forester and Veronica Pelz

AUGUST 9                Mark Greenlee and Jaclyn Thorsen

AUGUST 16              Jared Finnigan and Candice Wesa

AUGUST 23              Benjamin Davies and Cydney Harke

AUGUST 23              Robert Olson and Trina Miller

AUGUST 30              Francis Kelly and Chara Fox

OCTOBER 11           Jerry Caudron and Donna Lee Stenhouse


Katelin Grace Knull, daughter of Craig and Kimberly Knull

Gabrielle Cassie Beauclair, daughter of Michel Beauclair and Rhea Venus

Faith Elizabeth Lee Boudy,  daughter of William Boudy and Carrie Findlay-Boudy

Rowan Robert James, son of Bradley and Stacey Herrle

Mackenize Yvonne Slaney, daughter of Thomas Slaney and Yvonne Wakeley

Dawsyn Anne Francis, daughter of Peter and Wendy Francis

Andrew David Chometsky,  son of Travis and Bonita Chometsky

Hailey Morgan Keil, daughter of Colin and Crystal Keil

Rion James Keil, son of Colin and Crystal Keil


JANUARY 4                   Betsy Elva Dorothy Bentley       Age     80

JANUARY 5                   Wanda Gail Kuzyk                     Age     52

FEBRUARY 5                Peter Bedry                                  Age     93

FEbRUARY 2                James Rudolph Gylander           Age     86

FEBRUARY 6                Wilfred Charles Laplante          Age     53

FEBRUARY 8                Mary Anne Bernice Winiarki    Age     63

FEBRUARY 9                Lois Catherine Sauve                  Age     87

FEBRUARY 23              Sadie Ellen Raivio                       Age     88

FEBRUARY 29              John Packolyk                             Age     85

MARCH 3                       Mary Irene Owens                      Age     83

MARCH 4                       Lester Ferdinand Owre              Age     88

MARCH 4                       Baxter Archibald Park               Age     2 Hours

MARCH 25                     Renee Karen Kuhn                     Age     56

APRIL 21                        Arthur Mundy                            Age     94

MAY 2                             Brian Brown                                Age     64

MAY 3                             Alex Fryk                                     Age     86

MAY 5                             Alvin Orval Chambers               Age     80

MAY 16                           Florence Elsie Johns                   Age     92

MAY 17                           Mary Kelly Harbottle                  Age     89

MAY 21                           Edith Marjorie Myler                 Age     94

JUNE 6                            Mary Cieslinski                           Age     87

JUNE 13                          Elmer Roy Jones                         Age     67

JUNE 17                          Friedrick Mangelsen                   Age     99       

JULY 18                          Doreen Mae McEwen                 Age     63

JULY 20                          John Smyth                                  Age     82

SEPTEMBER 13            Frederick Peter Storeshaw         Age     83

OCTOBER 8                   Ellen Elizabeth Anderson           Age     64

DECEMBER 8               Diane Arlene Fitzpatrick            Age     66

DECEMBER 22             Stanley Herbert Grapentine       Age     94

Lord, you have searched me and known me.  

You know when I sit down and when I rise up;  you discern my thoughts from far away.

You search out my path and my lying down,  and are acquainted with all my ways

(Psalm 139:1-3)


In 2008, I continued to spend most of my time with the normal duties of a congregational minister.  I planned and lead worship services, I lead study groups, I enjoyed connecting with people of the church and the community in variety of contexts, including: committees, funerals, social events, weddings and more.

I was so impressed by the willingness of this congregation to set optimistic goals and to meet challenges.  Donations to the Building-Ministry Fund (along with a generous bequest) lead to paying off all of the Roof Loans more than two years early.  And because part of the money was set aside for ministry projects, we know have an opportunity-filled balance in the special ministry account.  The vision of the BMF seems to have caught on; there is already several thousand dollars building up in the building account in preparation for as yet undecided future building projects.

A focus of mine in 2008 was to promote a stronger biblical literacy for a 21st century world.  To that end, I preached a 23-week long sermon series moving from Genesis to Revelation.  I heard many positive comments and hope that there was learning and inspiration in those times.  Additionally, I set up a 10-session study group based on Marcus Borg’s book, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time which will conclude on March 1, 2009.  More than twenty people have taking in some or all of the sessions so far.

I also spearheaded revamping the church’s website through the church office.  Thank you to Tim Ritter for hosting the site for the past several years.  We now are: 

My own desire to learn took me to Victoria in January 2008 for the annual Epiphany Explorations event at FirstMetropolitan United Church.  I also participated in four peer-led symposiums in Edmonton focusing on 21st century ministry.  I am also grateful to St. David’s for allowing me to use part of my Life Long Learning educational allowance to purchase a laptop computer.  I use it all of the time to support the work I do in the church and the community.

My work with Yellowhead Presbytery and Alberta and Northwest Conference has been interesting this past year as well.  Besides participating in three two-day meetings, I took part in three “pastoral oversight visits” with two congregations and one of the Presbytery’s camps.  As well, I am on a “discernment committee” helping a person interesting in pursuing formal ministry within the United Church figure out her call.  I was an interviewer for the Conference Education and Students Committee in January 2008 helping to determine the final “readiness for ministry” for several students who were nearing the end of their educational and internship programs (I have been asked to help again this January).  At the Conference meeting in May 2008, I made a special (and hopefully entertaining) announcement promoting the Mission and Service Fund and I hosted the program recognizing 2008’s retirees from ministry.



I continue to be amazed at how fast time is passing in my years with St. David’s.  I also continue to interpret that as a good thing.  The average length of time ministers have spent with this congregation (since the Second World War) has been six-and-a half years.  I have been in ministry with y’all for more than eight years.

Almost six years ago, I took part in a course entitled “New Visions for the Long Term Pastorate”.  At the time I had been a minister here for less than three years, but I hoped that the event would help in providing a context in Leduc for a longer term pastoral relationship.  I think it has; I continue to be guided by the basic principles I learned in that course.

Longer term pastorates are special.  There is the great benefit of familiarity.  The minister and the people of the church know each other well and likely have established styles of being the church that seem to work well.  There is the great danger of complacency.  Everyone gets a little too comfortable: new ideas are a thing of the past, things are too familiar and energy levels drop.  Two of the basic principles I learned in 2003 were: to keep our growing edge and to avoid the devastations of burnout.  It is in respect of these needs that more than a year ago I began the process of requesting to take advantage of the United Church of Canada’s relatively new sabbatical policy:  Ministry Personnel, who have completed five years or more of continuous service to a pastoral charge, are eligible to take a minimum three month consecutive sabbatical that is focused on The Practice of Ministry.

From April 13th (Easter Monday) through July 12th, I will be on sabbatical.  The focus of my time will be on “Music, Spirituality and the Modern Church”.  During that time, I will read, write, play, study, rest and find thin places and times when I can be especially close to God. 

An essential aspect of a successful sabbatical is that the minister be completely freed from the regular pastoral duties of the congregation.  The Church Council and its committees will be making alternate arrangements for worship, pastoral and administrative needs of the people of the church.

The UC’s sabbatical policy states the minister and the church are to stay in pastoral relationship with other for at least one year following the end of the sabbatical.  My desires go beyond that.  I hope to continue this already long term pastorate for several more years to come.

In Christ's Peace,

Blaine Gregg

Ordained Minister

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness.

(Psalm 100:1-2)

Hello from Church Council,

It has been a transitional year for the Council as we said good-bye to our wonderful Council Chair, Tina Mix and I started my two year term as Chair.  I would like to thank all of the members of Council for their patience and understanding, which they have shown to me.  Council also had to say a sad good-bye to a dear man of this church, Alvin Chambers.  He served faithfully as one our Presbytery reps. And was always a quiet, yet strong and compassionate presence at our meetings.  We miss him.


The members of Council have supported each other during times of family illness and celebration as we continued the practice of the last several years of including prayer and sharing as part of each meeting.  We worked on a system of better communication that should help us avoid miscommunications that can occur, especially during the summer months when Council normally doesn’t meet.  Last summer, we shared an experience that helped us learn of this need.  As a Council, we have also considered ways to make the transition from old to new Council members go smoothly.


Again thank you to all of the members of Council for the time and effort they have given to this work within the church.  And we say a special thank you to those whose time on Council is ended.  We look forward to new faces and continued passion for the life and work of St. David’s United Church.


Respectfully Submitted By,

Dèsirée Dumont-Hyslop

Council Chair 2007-2009 

The following positions are up for election at the 2009 Annual Meeting:

Church Council Chair-elect (to serve as chair in 2010-11)

·         Is a Member# of St. David’s United Church (or willing to become one at first opportunity).

·         Spends a year as a member of Church Council to observe and learn the role of Chair.

·         As Chair, moderates meetings of the Council and Congregation.

·         All members of Council are responsible for the overseeing the spiritual and temporal interests of the church.

·         Serves a 3 year term (1 as Chair-elect; 2 as chair).

Church Council Secretary

·         Is a Full Member# of St. David’s United Church (or willing to become one at first opportunity).

·         Records and distributes the minutes of all council and Congregational meetings.

·         Receives and sends correspondence on behalf of the Church Council.

·         All members of Council are responsible for the overseeing the spiritual and temporal interests of the church.

·         Serves a 3 year term.

Church Council Member-at-Large

·         Is a Full Member# of St. David’s United Church (or willing to become one at first opportunity).

·         Reminds Council Members of up-coming meetings.

·         All members of Council are responsible for the overseeing the spiritual and temporal interests of the church.

·         Serves a 3 year term.

Two (2) Yellowhead Presbytery Representatives

·         Is a Full Member# of St. David’s United Church (or willing to become one at first opportunity).

·         Serves as a member of Yellowhead Presbytery and Alberta and Northwest Conference representing St. David’s United Church at meetings and events. (3 or 4, two-day mid-week meetings)

·         One of the Presbytery Reps serves as a member of Church Council.

·         All members of Council are responsible for the overseeing the spiritual and temporal interests of the church.

·         No fixed term.

# Full Members of the Congregation are those people who have been Confirmed at St. David's, were Baptized as adults/youth at St. David's or were Members of another congregation and had their Membership formally transferred to St. David's.  All of the names of St. David's Members will be found in the Historic Role of the Congregation.

Church Council Members need to be named by the following Committees:

Christian Education

·         Oversees, plans, implements the programs and events that are intended to help with Faith formation and Spiritual Nurture, including: Sunday School, Youth Group, Scouting, Library, Study Groups, etc.


·         Sees to the general maintenance and upkeep of the church’s building and property.  Prioritizes capital projects and makes recommendations for action.


·         Offers advice to and takes direction from the Church Council with-respect-to financial and physical property.  Legally acts on the church’s behalf, re: buying, selling, investing, mortgaging, etc. of property.


·         Assists the Minister and others in arranging for and planning the worship life of the church, including worship services, music, banners and church decorating.

THANK YOU to Linda Mix-Kondratski (secretary), Brian Charanduk (member-at-large), Robin Stuart (Men’s Club), Terry Atkinson (Trustees) and Marilyn Kent (Pastoral Care) who will not be continuing with Church Council in 2009.



Chair *                         Dèsirée Dumont-Hyslop       year 2 of 2 until February 2010

Chair-elect *                to be elected                         (to Chair, Feb 2010 - 2012)

Secretary *                   to be elected                         3 year term

Member-at-Large         to be elected                         3 year term


Christian Education     to be named                          3 year term vacant since Feb 2001

Inreach-Outreach         Linda Thompson                  year 3 of 3 until February 2010

Finance *                     Sherrill Brown                      year 3 of 3 until February 2010

Memorial                     Adrianne Kempster              year 3 of 3 until February 2010

Men's Club                  Ron Thompson                     year 1 of 3 until February 2012

Ministry & Personnel   Gladys Burdeyney                year 3 of 3 until February 2010

Pastoral Care                Illona Baskier                      year 1 of 3 until February 2012

Presbytery Delegate     to be elected                         no term limit

Property                       to be named                          3 year term vacant since Feb 2007

Trustees                       to be named                          3 year term vacant since Jan 2009

United Church Women Phyllis McGhan               year 2 of 3 until February 2011

Worship                       to be named                          3 year term vacant since Feb 2008

Youth Group               to be named                          up to a 3 year term vacant since Feb 2001


Ordained Minister *     Rev. Blaine Gregg                no term limit (since October 2000)

* Council Executive as needed

       Members of Church Council (elected and selected) must be Full Members of St. David's United Church, or willing to be coming a member at the next opportunity;

       Paid Church Staff or members of their families are not eligible to be Chair, Chair-elect, Finance Committee Chair, a payroll account bank signing officer, on the M&P Committee or on any committee that is directly responsible for hiring, evaluating or terminating that staff person.  Otherwise, they are welcome to take on other committee or council positions.

The CD committee has a mandate for the education and spiritual development of the congregation. Often this revolves around the Sunday School program for the children and mid-week groups such as 2nd Leduc Scouts and Youth Group. However, we continue to emphasize the importance of providing for adult learning opportunities within the church.

The library falls under our portfolio; we are fortunate to have a great collection and a display that is changed on a regular basis to meet the season’s focus, for Sunday School, and for other church groups. There are good devotion - type books that can be used for church meetings. The library continues to purchase new books and the books on the cart are changed each season. Thanks to Shirley Steinley, our volunteer librarian.

In 2008, the Sunday School had returned to the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum. This has been very successful. We ended 2008 with close to 20-30 children attending on a regular basis. This year we had a team of Sunday School coordinators who recruited and trained many wonderful teachers. The coordinators also looked after all the programming for the children. We would like to express our thanks to the many people who have taught and nourished the spiritual development of the children, providing them with memories of knowledge, awe, and wonder of Christian values and church traditions. We celebrated the Christmas season by participating in the Youth Group’s lunch followed by decorating Xmas cookies for the children , presents obtained from the fishing hole.

The Youth Group had many excellent experiences last year. The highlights were the successful coffee shop night/ entertainment and the white water rafting in the summer. Thanks to Patti for the leadership over the years and to Blaine and Patti for the summer events. Deb Flewelling is the new group leader and they have already had some interesting activities.

The Book Club had a couple of book selections in 2008. Many people attended each of the book discussion, with groups sharing insights, inspirations, and challenges put forth by great spiritual authors. There will be more Book Club selections in 2009; as well spiritual film nights will be added. These books/movies will nurture your spiritual journey through reading, watching movies, reflecting and discussing themes from a variety of spiritual books/films.

In 2008 the CD committee sponsored the St David’s Life Long Learning Bursary which is a special fund intended to support active members and adherents of St. David’s. Other committees and groups also contributed to this bursary. These bursaries help support youth, and adults who want to attend conferences, leadership sessions, workshops, and other special events, except for those normally supported by the David Jones Scholarship Fund. A draft set of criteria has been developed as well as an application process. This year one person used this bursary.

The CD committee is seeking new members. We meet after church about every second month. If you have ideas that would assist in nurturing the spiritual development of members (all ages) of the congregation please attend.

Youth Group is a place for the youth (grades 7-12) to come as they are; a place to learn, grown and be cared for by each other and with the love of God. Youth Group strives to be a community of belonging through which the youth can explore and affirm who they are as gifted people of God, while actively living out their Christian Faith in all of God's creation.


The highlights of the 2008 were as follows:

·      In January, the youth transformed the church’s CD wing into a Coffee House.  The evening brought both youth group folk and several guest performances together for a fantastic night of music. There was a mix of musical styles and together with a warm, inviting atmosphere, it was a great time.  It was a fundraiser for the youth group and helped pay for some of the year end trip.

·      The Jr High Youth Rally was held in March at St. Paul's United in Edmonton.  Several of St David's youth attended this event along with Patti and Blaine Gregg and a great time was had by everyone. 

·      Youth Group finished up before the summer with a trip white water rafting in Grande Cache, Alberta. Ten youth attended along with Patti and Blaine Gregg.  Shelley and Harry Hanson also came along to help out.  A video was put together by Blaine that captured our amazing trip together and each of the youth were presented with a copy.  The youth fundraised to cover most of the cost and money was given by the Worship, CD, Inreach-Outreach and Worship Committees and the Men’s Club and the UCW.  In the end, each youth only had to pay $40 as a registration fee.

·      The year was Patti's final one and she misses everyone but is on to new adventure working for WestJet.  “Thank you everyone for four wonderful years!”

·      Youth Group began again in September under the new leadership of Deb Flewelling. 

·      As in past years, the youth spearheaded St. David’s involvement in the Community Food Bank Drive.  A few days earlier the youth had left leaflets in mailboxes to let people know they would be coming.

·      In October, it was the Sr High’s turn to go to a Youth Rally (at St. Andrew’s United in Lacombe).

·      Other fall highlights include:  a bonfire night at the Mix’s farm, attending the annual Halloween Dance at Riverbend United in Edmonton and hosting an open mic entertainment night as part of the church’s Anniversary weekend in November!

The Youth Group meets every second Friday and is pleased to welcome new members.  Contact Deb for more information: 780-980-0012;









Memorial Committee Report


The Memorial Committee was formed to accept and record gifts to maintain the gardens, and to purchase items or enable projects to enhance the lasting ministry of the church.

In accordance with this policy and with the help of the congregation the following have been accomplished over the years:

Memorial windows; Memorial Board and table; Photo Book; Communion Ware; hearing aids; instigated and contributed to the wheelchair access ramp; designation of the Laurel willow as a registered Heritage Tree of the Foundation of Canada.

The Garden directly northeast of the Church is designated as a Memorial Garden to be administered by the St. David’s Memorial Committee. The Garden will be used for the disposal of ashes of only members and adherents of the Congregation or their relatives, or such other person(s) as may be determined by the Minister.  For people who are not members or adherents, having a funeral/memorial service at St. David’s United Church does not entitle them to have their ashes disposed of in the Memorial Garden.

There were 3 interments in 2008. Total interments since the garden was established: 37.

Respectively submitted by Memorial Committee members;

Marj Campbell (Chair), Edna McHarg (Secretary), Rebecca Barnett, Jo Bishop, Adrianne Kempster, Bob Koizumi, George Osmak and Blaine Gregg.

Pastoral Care Committee Report


Communion was held on the Thursday before Good Friday at Salem Manor, Planeview Manor and Extendicare.  We had the members from Pastoral Care assisting Rev. Gregg.  The Partners In Time also joined the group with their enjoyable songs.

Prayer Circle is a group of people saying prayers for anyone who we are told is in need of a special prayer. This care concern is handled by Isabel Evans, Bobbie May and Marg Taylor.

Cards are handed out for many occasions.  Baby baptisms, illness or for anyone in need of  special caring.

The Cards are now being made by Pastoral Care. Letters of Welcome are also sent out to new people in our congregation. This is handled by Marg Taylor.

Church calendars and Christmas cards were handed out to the Shut-ins.  Thanks again for the Wonderful Cards the Sunday School class. They were greatly  appreciated.

Visiting and Driving - we drive people to and from Church and also appointments.  We also do visiting in person or on the phone.

Who’s Who in the Pew is a book that is located at the back of the Church, if you wish to have your Family in the Book you may contact Bobbie May or Marg Taylor.

Care Calls will be done again in the Spring. We will be looking for some Volunteers to help with the Calls.

Newsletters are published three times a year. There is a Fall start up, Christmas and Easter Seasons.  Maryiln Kent does a wonderful job of gathering material, editing and printing the Newsletters.  Marilyn Kent is also our Secretary.  She will be stepping down from the Church Council Representive, THANKS for all your work.

The United Church Welcomes You Kit is at back of the Church.  Several glossy brochures are available to welcome newcomers.

 We had an Information Table at the Church Anniversary celebration.  We had on display our handmade cards, Prayer Shawls and information Pamphlets to outline our different functions of Pastoral Care.  Extra Pamphlets are found in the information rack near the West door entrance.

Prayer Shawls are something new we started this year. Thanks to all the people who knit the Shawls.  We handed out seven Shawls so far.  We also handed out two extra special Shawls made by Regine Baerends’ Sunday School Class.

Pastoral Care Committee consists of Rev. Blaine Gregg, Illona Baskier, Isabel Evans, Dianne Fraser, Bobbie May, Jennifer Greenwald, Marilyn Kent, Marg Taylor, Colleen Woolsey and myself.

Pastoral Care Meetings are the second Thursday of the Month at 1:00 pm. We are looking for more caring people to come and join our Committee.


Submitted  by Yvonne Carroll 


Inreach -  Outreach Committee Report


This past year has bought about a name change to our former Committee name “Stewardship, Fellowship and Outreach” to “Inreach – Outreach” Committee. Thank you again Blaine for coming up with this all encompassing name for our Committee!


Our meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month after Church. We do not meet in July and August. We invite you to please join our Committee – we always welcome new members! If you have a project you would like us to undertake or assist with, you are welcome to attend our meeting to present your project!


This year our Committee undertook or assisted with the following projects: M&S Information Sunday, Thanksgiving Community Supper, Amnesty International Write-A-Thon, Easter Breakfast, our Church’s 110th celebration weekend. We gave a donation of $50.00 to our Youth Group for their year-end trip. We also honoured our volunteers on Cupcake Sundays.

Our members are: Kirby Dublanko, Marilyn Morse, Ron Thompson, and Blaine Gregg. Thank you to each of these members for their continuing support of this Committee!


Submitted by Linda Thomson,


Worship Committee Report


As I finish the eighth year which I have been involved in the worship committee it is easy for me to feel like what happens in our meetings, and what goes on in the worship life of our church, is very routine.  In some ways it is; we follow the church calendar and each season of the church year comes and goes in the same order and we plan accordingly.  Colors in the church vary, banners go up & down, decorations and even hymns all change with the season.   From month to month and year to year the routine of the church season guides the work we do and although on the surface it seems repetitive, each year brings new ideas and challenges for this committee. 

Last year, in January, we continued on with the tradition of celebrating the baptisms from the previous year (2007) along with Jesus’ baptism.  After the congregational meeting in February there was much talk of our committee’s changes at the Christmas Eve service and we began discussing how we could balance safety concerns and the tradition of a candlelight service.  We opted to have battery operated candles available and also project the words of the last two hymns on the sanctuary wall during the service ensuring people wouldn’t have to juggle a lit candle & a hymnbook too.   Our challenge after making that decision was now how we would manage to hang the Advent banners?  In 2008, we started fundraising for the new More Voices hymnbooks and thanks to our generous congregation were able to provide enough hymnbooks for each pew.  Of course we were then left with the challenge of how to fit two different hymnbooks, information cards and a bible into a pew rack that wasn’t quite big enough.  The solution to the problem was to only put 3 More Voices in each pew.   Our year continued with the planning of a Maundy Thursday communion service as well as Good Friday and Easter services and then, in May, we celebrated Pentecost with cake.   In August our committee planned a Taizé service as part of our morning worship.  Again this was a challenge; balancing what most people expected would be a traditional Sunday service and include the unique qualities of a Taizé service too.  The fall & winter brought planning for Advent, the donation of white gifts, a longest night service and two Christmas Eve services, thus finishing a year of work for the worship committee.

As always a thank you goes out to those in our congregation who helped out during 2008.  Many people participated in the Sunday services by greeting, reading scripture, serving communion, lighting candles, singing or playing special music, helping pack and deliver white gifts, hang banners and lead Sunday services.  Your help is appreciated and always welcomed.

As 2008 ends and 2009 starts our committee again faces some challenges.  Blaine will be taking a sabbatical this year.  The challenge of finding pulpit supply and budgeting for it is a balancing act for our committee (and our congregation).  We rely on Blaine’s organization and wisdom and for a time this year will have to work on our own without his guidance.  Over the next few months you can expect to see new faces leading our services while Blaine is on leave, some may be from within our congregation and others may be a visiting minister or a licensed lay minister.  I hope that you, the congregation, will be welcoming, patient, understanding and appreciative of those who fill in while Blaine is away.  Our committee looks forward to this coming year.  It may bring more challenges, maybe a few changes but like every New Year it is also full of possibilities.


Shauna Dittrick,

On behalf of the Worship Committee

Junior Choir Report


The Junior Choir  members ages 7-13 (grades 2 – 8)  are from within the congregation of St. Davids and from the Leduc community.  From January to June we had 14 members while from September to December we had 15 members. Rehearsals were held from 4-5:15 p.m. on Mondays.  In 2008 the Junior Choir provided music for 8 services at St. David’s United Church plus our music was shared with the greater community of Leduc.



FEBRUARY 14th: A Valentine’s Day workshop was held for the choir at St. Davids. We worked diligently on our music for the second term.

MARCH  2/16/23 April 27 the choir sang for services at St. Davids.

APRIL: The choir sang at the Leduc Music Festival. They received glowing comments and very high marks of 90% for their concert class performance of “Child of the Universe”, “Canticle to the Sprit” and “Song for a Pirate Child”, and 90% for their performance of “Bist du Bei Mir” in the own choice category. The choir was honoured to sing at the awards recital on April 27th at which time they received the inaugeral award for:  “Leduc Rotary Music Festival Community/Church Choir”


May 7th: we hosted “Active Voices”, our spring concert.  The spring concert featured a variety of music from our sacred  and secular repertoire from  “A Lenten Love Song” to “The Bells of Aberdovey”.  Choir members featured in the concert included Louise Ashdown, Gilbert Baerends, Paul Baerends, and Zachary Unrau. Donations received at the concert were forwarded to the David Jones Scholarship fund to help finance junior choir members’ participation in the Music Alberta Summer Choral Camp.


Helen helped to prepare choir members for the summer camp auditions/voice placement.  After consideration of the David Jones Scholarship fund committee, the following choir members were awarded scholarships from that fund to assist and encourage their attendance at MusiCamp Alberta in Red Deer:  Paul Baerends and Matthijs Baerends.

Louise Ashdown and Gilbert Baerends also attended the camp. Thank you to all who donated funds to the David Jones Scholarship Fund.


We welcomed returning members and new members to form an enthusiastic 14 voice choir.

Nov. 10th: Workshop Rehearsal/Spaghetti Supper party: After an extended rehearsal the choir enjoyed a yummy spaghetti supper at the church. Helen made the sauces, Patti and Blaine Gregg cooked the noodles, and prepared the eating area (thank you very much)

Nov. 16th (St. David’s Anniversary): performance of “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring” at church

Nov. 30th (Advent I):  At St. Davids service, the choir sang “What Shall We Name Him” and “A Cuckoo Flew out of the Woods”

Dec. 7th (Advent II):  the choir sang “O Come, Little Children” and “Good King Wenceslas”.  Zachary Unrau and Terry Atkinson were the soloists.

Dec. 14th the choir sang at Leduc Civic Centre for the “Sights and Sounds of Christmas” Event sponsored by the City of Leduc. For this event we were joined by soloists Terry Atkinson, Gilbert Baerends,  Darin Grant, Hannah Robertson.


Dec. 21st at 7:00 p.m. the Junior and Senior choirs hosted “Hark the Glad Sound” our Christmas Music  Concert at St. Davids.  The program was coordinated by Helen Stuart.  The Junior choir, Senior choir, and Partners in Time presented various seasonal anthems and Christmas songs.  The choirs/ensembles were directed by Helen Stuart, Ron Thompson and Bobby May.  Between music selections we were treated to poetry readings by Kirby Dublanko, Linda Thompson, and various junior choir members. Jim Montney presented a fantastic reading of the classic: “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Vocal solos were provided by Terry Atkinson, Julie Junod, Helen Stuart, Gilbert Baerends, Ashtyn Junod, Matthijs Baerends, and Zachary Unrau. Accompaniments for the various groups and soloists were Maria Jackie, Robin Stuart, and Helen Stuart. The Offering collected at the concert was forwarded to St. David’s as a fundraiser.


Dec. 22nd Pizza/Planeview:  following our rehearsal, the choir shared a pizza supper  at the church. Thanks to the parents for helping to set up a great supper, and thanks to Helen for the pizza.  Following our dinner we sang a successful concert for the residents at Planeview Place.


Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve): the choir sang for the 7 p.m. service at St. Davids.  (“Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”, “A Cuckoo Flew out of the Woods”, “O Tannenbaum”, “O Christmas Star” and “Good King Wenceslas”)


Thank you to all past and present members for their music ministry in 2008. I would also like to thank Maria Jackie for her many hours of donated time and talent as pianist of the choir. She has been a great support! Thank you to all the choir parents for their ongoing encouragement and help with all sorts of things!!  As well I would like to thank the U.C.W., the church staff and the members of the congregation for continued support and encouragement.  As we begin 2009, I extend an invitation to interested new members to join the choir.  Parents of new singers should call Helen at 780-432-7805.

Submitted by: Helen Stuart,

Junior Choir Director.


Senior Choir Report


Under the leadership of Ron Thompson, the Senior Choir continues to contribute to the Sunday services by the singing of anthems and the leading of hymns. There was one big change in that Geri Visconte, our former organist, has moved to Texas - we hope for only a temporary stay.  We are very privileged now to have Robin Stuart as organist.  We enjoy learning the anthems and special music for Christmas and Easter.  We find there is a need for our talents in leading the new music of More Voices. The group is pleasant and informal; there are social events throughout the year that allow friendships to develop. There are presently nineteen members, but, as always, new members are welcome, so anyone who enjoys singing is encouraged to consider joining. We especially need alto voices. The choir is in session from the middle of September to the middle of June.  It does require commitment to attend practice and the Sunday service, but attendance is not compulsory. 

Submitted by Shirley Steinley

Memorial Choir Report


The Memorial Choir, formed by the Music Committee in 1996, is made up of interested singers from our congregation and choirs who, subject to availability, are willing and able to lead singing at funerals or memorial services at St. David’s. This service provided many times over the years, is greatly appreciated by families in mourning, and by the church in general.

It is not expected that the Memorial Choir will lead in singing at all funeral services at St. David’s. If participation of the Memorial Singers is desired, and there is reasonable notice, those singers whose schedule permits will attend. The request is activated by a phone call from the Minister or Church Secretary to a member of the memorial Choir phoning committee. The phoning committee will then notify Memorial Choir members of the required date and time. There are no specific practice times for the choir. Hymns to be sung are reviewed when singers gather in the choir room prior to the funeral/memorial service. To be placed on the phoning list for the Memorial Choir contact:

Marg Taylor 780-986-3252 or

Bobbie May 780-986-2049.

United Church Women Report


St. David’s UCW monthly meetings are open to all Women. The Thursday afternoon Unit I, meeting is held at the church. The Wednesday evening Unit IV meeting is currently being held in members’ homes. We are supportive by acknowledging birthdays, illnesses, bereavements and other important events in the lives of members. Our meetings include planning for future activities and we always have social times, and usually include worship time.

Our projects include: making sandwiches for Bissell centre, providing gifts and entertainment for Extendicare birthday parties, honouring our graduates, attending rundle Mission Service and participating, the selling of Church calendars and the Observer subscription. We also participate in the World Day of Prayer service.

At Christmas, we recognized our Church Staff with gift certificates for our Minister, church secretary, caretaker, organist, choir directors and Junior Choir accompanist. We also had a yearly Christmas Party which all Women of our church are invited to attend, sharing supper, a sing-song, a worship service and entertainment. Many, many thank yous to the men who did the clean-up for us, so we could all enjoy our party! Your kindness is appreciated by all of us!

We also prepared the bread and grape juice for communion services, cater to funeral receptions and some members were active with the UCW Presbyterial.

Our largest and yearly fund-raiser is our Strawberry Tea! This is a busy, fun and delicious event! Thank You to all who help with this to make it so successful and tasty!!

This year our donations included: Mission & Service, St. David’s, St. Stephen College, Rundle Mission, Junior Choir, Camp Maskepetoon, Church Library, Bissell Centre and the Church’s Life Long Learning Bursaries and the Youth Group upon request.

Both of our Units would love to have new members! Please join us for fun and fellowship!

Submitted by: Linda Thompson Secretary Unit IV

Men’s Club Report


St. David’s Men’s Club meets each month usually on the first Saturday except when the first Saturday falls on a holiday weekend, in which case we meet on the second Saturday. We meet at Smitty’s at 8 am. Our club has held monthly meeting since April 1997 (there are no summer breaks for the Men’s Club). In fact, the December 6th 2008 meeting was #141. Eighteen to 25 men turn out on a regular basis. We have a “Memory Jogger’ phoning committee who remind us the day before to come to breakfast on Saturday. Any man wanting to add his name to phoning list needs only to request such via the Church Office or the Men’s Club secretary.

During 2008 we:

1.      Served a well attended Pancake Supper on Shrove Tuesday February 5th 2008.

2.      Prepared and served a Roast Beef Dinner on November 14th , in conjunction with our Church’s 110th Anniversary weekend. The dinner was very well attended.

3.      Conducted a Church Service on July 13th with a Choir from the Club.

4.      Supplied a Male Choir for the January 6th 2008 service.

5.      Hosted the Sunday School Teachers Appreciating Day Barbeque on June 1st .

6.      Had speakers during the year at many of our monthly meetings.

7.      Donated $500 to the Racecourse School in Zambia.

8.      Earmarked up to $500 for the use of the CD Committee in providing funding assisted for Youth Camp Attendance and Church Leadership training.

9.      Provided clean-up service in the kitchen for the UCW Christmas Party.

10.  Donated $700 to the Church Fundraising Committee.

11.  Developed a “Handy Helpers” book for the use of the Property Committee.

12.  Had some members volunteer with Church Property painting.

13.  Supplied a Council Representative from the club.

14.  Provided financial assistance for the Youth Group’s trip to Grande Cache.

15.  Supported the Lion’s Club by attending on May 3rd, the breakfast they put on in Sobey’s parking lot in conjunction with the Black Gold Day festivities.

We enjoy good fellowship during our meetings and activities. Many good and lasting friendships have evolved over the years. In 2008 we lost Alvin Chambers, one of our charter members.

Alvin also served as a St. David’s member on the Yellowhead Presbytery, as a member of Church Council and as a member of the Banff Men’s Conference Executive.

Our meeting Dates for 2009 are:

Jan 10, Feb. 7, Mar. 7, Apr. 4, May 2, June 6, July 11, Aug. 8, Sept. 12, Oct. 3,

Nov. 7, and Dec. 5th.

Other Dates for 2009:

Pancake Supper: February 24                       Roast Beef Dinner: November 14

Club Contacts:   President      Terry Atkinson   780-986-4510

                           Secretary      Robin Stuart       780-986-6534

Yellowhead Presbytery Report


Yellowhead Presbytery is the regional body of the United Church which includes St. David’s.  We are grouped with other churches around Edmonton and along the Yellowhead highway heading west and then angling up to the northeast.  In other words: Yellowhead Presbytery goes from Leduc to South Cooking Lake up to Ft McMurray, drawing a line southwest down to Jasper (we include Slave Lake, but not McClennon; Whitecourt is ours but not Valleyview) and back to Leduc (but don’t include Edmonton: they are a presbytery unto themselves).  


The Presbytery membership is made up of all the ministers within its boundaries (active, inactive and retired) and lay representatives from all of the congregations (the number of reps depends on the size of the congregations).  St. David’s’ lay reps in 2008 were Alvin Chambers and Emmy Henry.  Following Alvin’s death in late April, Desiree Dumont-Hyslop agreed to complete Alvin’s term and attend Presbytery and Conference meetings.


Presbytery meets three or four times per year, usually for two days at a time (February, April, May and October) hosting by different congregations.  In 2008, it met in Athabasca, Lamont and Edson.  When we gather, besides doing the business of Presbytery, we also worship and share information about the ministries of the United Church locally and beyond.  Presbytery is responsible for overseeing the churches within its bounds.  Once every three years each congregation will be visited by a small group of Presbytery members who will offer support and recommendations.  Presbytery is the main church body that ensures that students are suitably ready for ministry.  And it monitors the pastoral relationships between churches and ministers to help them be as healthy as possible.


Presbytery members are also delegates to full meetings of Alberta and Northwest Conference (two of every three years), which has other duties in the wider United Church, including ordaining and commissioning new ministers.  Conference met in Sherwood Park in May 2008 and will meet again in Sherwood Park in May 2009.  In August 2009, the once-every-three-years meeting of the national General Council will take place in Kelowna BC.  In non-conference years (i.e. 2010), regional events are held.  In April 2007, St. David’s was the host location for the Northern Regional Event.


In 2009, Emmy Henry is retiring as a St. David’s Presbytery rep., so both Presbytery representative positions are up for election at the February 2009 Annual Congregational Meeting.


Submitted by

Blaine Gregg



Ministry and Personnel Committee Report


The M & P Committee is a confidential, consultative body that supports the pastoral relationship. It is a liaison between the minister and the people of the church. This committee has a supportive role while at the same time carrying out supervisory functions. Anyone is welcome to speak to the M&P committee to offer comments on the minister and his role and effectiveness in the church. The committee meets regularly about three times per year, but will have special meetings as needs arise.

The committee also makes recommendations for the staff salaries, allowances, etc. and it approves time away for study or holidays. It also ensures that needed work is still done while staff are away. When there is a vacancy for a staff position (except for the ministry), the M&P Committee has often been empowered to find someone new to fill it. When a ministry position is vacant, there is a special process which involves forming a new joint committee of the congregation and the Presbytery with the single task of seeking a new minister.

Ø In mid-August Geri Visconte, organist, requested a 9 month leave of absence , which was granted. Robin Stuart has accepted the position in the interim.

Ø In late 2008, the committee received a notice of resignation from Trena Hillier as church caretaker. The M&P Committee recommended the hiring of TCS Cleaning Services Ltd as custodian. Council agreed and TCS Cleaning Services Ltd. started work, effective January 1, 2009.

Ø Beginning in 2009, Bea, as the Office Secretary, will include the church’s bookkeeping as part of her work.

The committee currently has four members, but is still looking for a few more members to make the committee stronger and more effective. The committee is mandated to have between three and seven members.

Submitted by the M&P Committee.

Arlene Anderson, Gladys Burdeyney, Wes Harrison, & Mary Riseborough.

It is the responsibility of the Trustees to hold and administer all properties and assets of the congregation for the total mission of the United Church of Canada.

The insurance premium increased to $5185.00 per year from $4986.00, an increase of $200.00, and was paid on December 2, 2008.


Respectfully submitted by

The Trustees

Arlene Anderson

Terry Atkinson

Bob Brown

Elwood Mitchell

Jake Van Lange

Earl Wedel

Hello from you friendly neighborhood Property Committee!

The committee (on behalf of the whole church) offers thanks to LeRoy Sonnenberg, who served as president of the Property Committee for several years.  His leadership and active participation has made many past Property projects successful. It is with equal joy that we welcome Edna McHarg to the committee and appreciate that she dove right into the role of president.  Also, the committee wants to thank Robin Stuart for putting together the Handy Helpers book, which has lists of willing volunteers for a variety of common property tasks.  The members of the Property Committee appreciate the support and encouragement that comes from the congregation as a whole.

Some projects completed in 2008 are:

·         Painting of the nursery;

·         Fixing the leaking sanctuary window;

·         Painting the cupboards and trim in the CE Wing;

·         Annual spring and fall maintenance;

·         Painting the counter tops and table in the kitchen.

Some projects planned for 2009 are:

·         Facelift for the CE Wing bathrooms;

·         Replacement of leaking windows in CE Wing;

·         Painting walls in the CE Wing.

Finally, one of the tasks of the Property Committee is to maintain the church grounds.  This includes the Clearwater United Church Cairn property on the corner of Airport Road and Highway 814.  For the past few years, Alvin Chambers gladly took on that task.  Alvin passed away in 2008 and we miss his company and his work ethic.

Finance Committee Report


Most of the Finance Committee Report is contained in the numbers on the pages that follow.  But it deserves highlighting that in 2008, with generous donations to the Building-Ministry Fund, we paid off all of the roof loans (more than 2 years early); we built up a healthy balance in the Ministry Fund.  All the while we showed a small operating surplus and came very close to meeting our Mission and Service Fund Objective.

The biggest news from the Finance Committee is that Anne Purves has resigned her volunteer position as St. David's United Church's bookkeeper.  Bookkeeping has been incorporated into Bea van Lange's workload and the Finance committee will provide support as well. Anne has indicated that she will stay involved with the Finance committee.

The Finance committee, on behalf of the congregation, wishes to acknowledge and sincerely thank Anne Purves for her more than 10 years of dedicated service as our church book keeper. We are truly thankful for her gifts and wish her well as she pursues other interests.

Sherrill Brown

Finance Committee Chair


The major fundraising for St David’s continues to be the Sobey’s prepaid voucher cards administered by Bea van Lange in the office. Thank you, thank you…thank you to Bea for making this fund raiser a very successful venture. The project raises about $10,000.00 per year. Since we started in October 2005, we have made about $25.000.  If you would like to be part of this awesome fundraiser that costs you no additional money, please contact Bea for more information.


For 2009’s fund raising activities, we are looking at a spring “Relive Your Church Camp Experience” and a fall “60’s Night”.

·      The “Camp Experience” will include a camp fire sing along, skits and hot dogs. A tentative date has been set for late March, so if you have any ideas, please contact one of the Fundraising Committee’s members.

·      The 60’s Night will be an early fall evening to dig up your Bobbie Socks and Brylcream and come out for an evening of entertainment, karaoke and soda floats. Again, any help with ideas participation would be much appreciated.


We will throw in another “Cookie Dough” sale throughout the year as demand dictates. If you find yourself running low on cookies, please let the fund raising committee know.

On behalf of the committee, thank you for the support you have given to fundraising for St. David’s.


Submitted by Larry Fecho